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Photo 6. Pupils playing (11)

Pre- school

It caters for children aged between 4-6 years. Here learners are nurtured through their first stages of growth to realize their full potential.

Lower school

Consists of grade 1, 2 & 3 for learners between 7-9 years old. Here, learners are introduced slowly to the primary curriculum…

Middle school

Consists of class 4, 5 & 6 for learners between 10-12 years old who continue to learn the primary curriculum and to develop…

Upper school

Comprises of class 7 & 8 for learners grouped 13-14 years old. Pupils are taken through the last stages of the primary curriculum…


Year Of Foundation


Successful Pupils


Qualified Teachers



Student Stories

Over the years, a good number of students and pupils have gone through our hands,

and they have great stories to tell..

  • Insights for students

    This segment describes some of the main insights from research on how people learn in general.

  • Enrollment 2020

    The admissions for 2020 are on-going.

  • Academic Milestones

    Academically Kakamega Hill School has great academic achievements.

  • Multimedia

    Check out a pictorial presentation of all our events and functions

  • The School

    Established in 2000, Kakamega Hill School is located in Kakamega and reflects the vibrant energy of the area.

  • Senior Administrators

    Kakamega Hill School has  an able management team.

  • Scholarship & Sponsorship

    Kakamega Hill School endeavors to connect all the needed students with possible donors

  • Our Staff

    Meet the whole team at Kakamega Hill School

  • Alumni Corner

    The School Alumni has a facebook fun-page.

We are a dynamic and engaged School  dedicated to excellence in research and teaching.