Our History - Kakamega Hill School
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Our History


The school was founded on 4th January 1999 under the stewardship of Madam Selpha Maina Omulisia and Mr. John Kipkemoi Kiptuyei.

The establishment of the school was in response to the needs of people in western region to have a school that would deliver quality primary education and child development. The school was also expected to enhance both individual and societal development.

The first batch of 131 pupils was drawn from all parts of the country in 1999. Thereafter, the school enrolled for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) in 2001 and emerged the leading in Kakamega District.

Since that year, Hill school became a home for academic excellence due to its upward trend in performance. In 2007, the school produced two pupils out of the best ten candidates in KCPE in the whole country. This marked hill school among the best schools in the whole country up to date.

The school also participates in various co-curricular activities for example, football, basketball, volleyball among others and nurtures talent in music, art and drama. We also offer computer studies to all pupils.

Guidance and counseling is also among the key departments in the school. Pupils are taken through the session by professional counselors every Wednesday evening to help inculcate the right core values in the pupils besides solving their personal challenges.