PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE - Kakamega Hill School
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I thank the Almighty God for granting us peace of mind, health and energy to mould these young boys and girls into useful accepted citizens, to make them self reliant and point them to Christian principles. Kakamega Hill School’s unique approach to education will make you re-imagine what is possible for your child. The school brings forth a rigorous and innovative approach to education that focuses on developing each individual’s full potential. Our school comprises of day care, pre-school, lower school, middle school and upper school. We have adequate non teaching staff, a set of hardworking and committed teachers and qualified directors who enhance proper running of the institution. The school provides a conducive environment for learning with adequate facilities. We enhance academics by taking learners for educational tours and providing various disciplines of co-curricular activities. They are provided with a well balanced diet and comfortable dormitories. We emphasize on discipline through regular counseling sessions. Through handwork, teamwork and determination, the school has continuously posted good KCPE results through the years. I pass my sincere gratitude to the 2017 KCPE candidates who made us proud with a mean score of 390.42. Finally, I thank you for taking time to visit our website and I earnestly hope you can take a step further to visit us in person.